Gondola Ride Oil Painting

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A universe of five visuals with dazzling colors represented in this Gondola Ride Painting. Stroll in the heart of Venice.

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Gondola Ride Oil Painting

Venice at home 

A universe in five visual with the bright colors represented in this table strolls in the gondola. Water of Venice will not have any more secrecies for you. If you like the colors as this table unscrews in five parts, we advise you this one. Moreover, thanks to our artists, this painting is painted in the most faithful possible way to give him a realistic and single effect. Delivered “lends to pose”, it fixes itself easily on a wall.


Size: H100 x L170 cm

Make up in 5 parts including: 
- 2 in H60 x L40 cm
- 2 in H80 x L30 cm
- 1 in H100 x L30 cm

Wooden Frame : 2.5x3 cm

Paint on canvas

Peinture de haute qualité

We use of the paint that of high quality, environment-friendly, odourless and of an excellent durability.

nos artistes peintres

Our painting canvas are made by artists specialized in oil paintings.

Grain et texture du tableau

Our paints have a thick texture with the grain on the canvas, what gives an impressionvof reliefs.

Détails du tableau

Every detail of our paints is made with the most reliable way in order to give it an unique effect

Cadre (châssis) des tableaux

Our paintings are stretched to be tightened on their wooden frame. The thickness of the frame is from 1,8 to 4 cms according to the size of this one.

tableau prêt à être posé

This paint is sent with it’s frame. It only waits to be hung on your wall.