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Oil Painting


  • Abstract

    Oil Abstract Paintings

    An art gallery at home !

    Owning at home an original and abstract painting worthy of the greatest contemporary artists is now possible! Art lovers will now be able to express their decorative and creative spirit thanks to our Oil Abstract Paintings range where you will find canvas hand-painted by real artists.

    Give free rein to your imagination and sensibility thanks to this collection of canvas full of poetry that will bring originality and modernity to your interior.

    This art, born in the 20th century, leaves room for interpretation. These paintings are perfect if you want to create a mysterious atmosphere around one decorative element.

  • Africa

    Oil Paintings of Africa

    Africa within reach

    Let the savannah and ethnic integrate your house with our collection of hand-made oil paintings on the Africa theme.

    You will be seduce by our canvas, in one or several parts, that will bring warmth and brightness to your room.

    Our paintings with several patterns, will have a perfect match with both modern and classical interior designs.

    Abstract or real representations of african landscapes will make you travel while being at home.

  • Animals

    Oil Animals Paintings

    A bestial decoration!

    We invite you to discover these wonderful animal canvas for a decoration that matches your personality.

    These paintings will bring style and originality to your room. Elephants will make your living room warmth and friendly, whereas butterflies will add a springtime touch to your bedroom.

    For a guaranteed natural effect, do not hesitate to discover our range Oil Animals Paintings!

  • Asia

    Oil Paintings of Asia

    Purity, modesty and voluptuousness

    Open your door to Asia for a zen and exotic decoration. This category Oil Paintings of Asia will make you travel towards poetic and enjoyable places.

    These hand-painted canvas will bring this little something that you are looking for to enhance your interior. Between discoveries and added value, these art works will highlight and embellish your room.

  • Buddha

    Oil Paintings of Buddha

    “Nothing is as constant as change”

    You would like to change you current decoration for a more relaxing one? Deco Soon helps you find happiness with our range of Oil Paintings Buddha dedicated to this character, symbol of wisdom and spirituality.

    Our paintings will take you to the other side of the world in order to immerse you in a total new culture, religion and philosophy. These paintings will also give value to your interior and enhance the shades of the room.

    Do not hesitate any longer! Adopt the Zen Attitude!

  • Woman

    Oil Paintings of Woman

    Being a woman

    The woman’s generous curves arrive at home and on your walls for a sensual and torrid atmosphere. The brushstrokes on the canvas reinforce this idea of purity, sensuality and carnal desire.

    Our feminine paintings give free rein to imagination in view of their abstract character. These ones express mystery in a very original way.

    For a feminine and unusual atmosphere, pick a painting in our Oil Paintings of Woman that will dress your wall in an elegant way.

  • Flowers and Nature

    Oil Paintings Flowers and Nature

    Spring all year long!

    Bring joy to your interior with this Oil Paintings Flowers and Nature collection! These hand-made paintings are realized by real artists and will have an incredible effect on your living room or bedroom walls.

    Embellish your home with the wonders of nature. Leaves, trees, flowers, natural landscapes, everything is there to satisfy the nature and art lovers.

    Failing to take advantage from nature all year round, you will get the chance to enjoy the benefits and virtues of it at home thanks to our natural range of hand-made paintings.

  • Sea

    Oil Paintings Sea

    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

    Let the salty air come at home with this collection of hand-made paintings on the theme Sea. Bring an aquatic touch to your interior for a guaranteed evasion! Our range Oil Paintings Sea will create a fresh and summer atmosphere in your house.

    You will have the choice between triptyc paintings or paintings composed of only one part for a modern or simple effect wherever you hang them.

    All paintings from this range are hand-painted by our artists who use environmentally-friendly paints, which corresponds exactly to the idea of this Sea collection 100% natural! 

  • Urban

    Oil Paintings Urban

    Street art style

    The city at home? It is now possible with Deco Soon, thanks to our range Oil Painting Urban. These paintings will modernize your interior in a very original way. They will be distinct from the standard urban pictures that everybody already has.

    Come, see and pick the painting that represents you the most among a selection of cities: New York, Paris and San Francisco. Thus, if you like the city life and art, we strongly recommend you to discover this range full of promises and only made for you !

172 products finds
172 products finds

Oil Painting

The work of an artist at home is now possible!

Discover our range of hand made paintings for a real artistic effect in your house. A painting is good but an hand-painted oil painting is even better!

In this category you will find original and unique paintings that were hand-painted by our artists. You will have the choice between several themes such as abstract, animals, Asia, urban style and even more.

Thus you will be spoilt for choice for your interior decoration!