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Decorative Stickers


  • Slate Stickers

    Slate Stickers

    A fun element of decoration

    It is time to make savings in paper with our Slate Stickers. In the kitchen, your children bedrooms or on the doors, these original stickers invade your house! They will delight everyday all age groups.

    Your children will be able to write, draw and color freely on your walls without damaging them. For once that a ban becomes a game you should enjoy it without hesitation!

    You will no longer need these constantly lost post-it to write the ingredients that are missing in your kitchen. You just need a chalk and that’s it!

    Our Slate Stickers are available in several dimensions for a custom-made decoration! Come and see them as soon as possible!

  • Erasable

    Erasable Stickers

    Write and draw infinitely

    For a decoration both fun and pretty, we present you our erasable stickers collection that will delight parents and especially children!

    Write, draw, erase and write once again on your walls without risking to damage them. With our Erasable stickers everything is possible!

  • Outlet

    Outlet Stickers

    A stylish sticker!

    For a wall decor unobtrusive but original and subtle we recommend you our Electrical Outlet Stickers range! These small stickers will embellish your electrical outlets while telling a little story.

    If you are looking for a decorative element 100% original and unique, then this collection Outlet Stickers is made for you!  

  • Toilet

    Toilet Stickers

    A corner of decoration

    Toilets are often left out; but did you know that you will spend approximately 3 years of your life in this room? It is thus important to feel good and comfortable.

    Revive this nonglamorous and monotonous room thanks to our Toilet stickers range. Humor, design or sobriety, there is something for every taste!

    Toilets will now become a fully-fledged room where one feels comfortable.

    Do not hesitate any longer and bring originality to this small room!

  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycle Stickers

    Rebel instinct

    You are a biker and proud of it? Then come and see our Motorcycle Stickers collection made for true motorcycle lovers.

    With this Motorcycle Stickers range, it is now possible to customize your motorcycle or car to your taste and to affirm your rebel spirit!

    Our stickers are available in several sizes and colors. Come and discover them now!

  • Car Stickers

    Car Stickers

    Personnalisation even on the car

    Embellish your car with your favorite patterns thanks to our Car Stickers range ! This wide range propose you stickers with various themes (animals, flowers, tuning…) in order to customize your vehicle in your image.

    You car will thus be recognizable among others! If you are looking for originality and demarcation, we strongly recommend you our Car Stickers collection. Discover it now!

432 products finds
432 products finds

Stickers everywhere, even where we don’t expect them

Make your interior a place of mixing taste and originality ! Opt for mirror, slate, erasable, or car stickers. No one can remain indifferent to your decoration out of ordinary. After all, why decorating like anyone else?

Discover as of now our online catalog with numerous stickers and order in just a few clicks the one that corresponds the most to your personality. Take advantage of our attractive prices and of the free delivery from 59,90€ purchase!