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Kid Paintings


  • Our collections of paintings

    Our collections of paintings

    Children are also doing decoration

    Your children’s bedroom also need a wall decor to help them feel good in the environment they live in. That’s why we have created a range of paintings especially dedicated to your children in order to help them assert their personality and develop their creativity.

    Paintings from this collection will bring joy and happiness in your boy, girl or baby’s bedroom. Deco Soon proposes funny and original decoration elements for all children. Colorful and sparkling, those paintings will be perfect for a unique childish decoration.

  • Angel

    Angel Paintings Children

    A benevolent gaze

    For an angelic and protective atmosphere in your child’s bedroom, opt for our collection of Angel Paintings. Angels will soften your child’s room and will take them to a magical world of dreams.

    Our paintings are available in several dimensions, which gives you great liberties in the arrangement of the room.

  • School

    School Painting Kid

    Learning while having fun

    Here is a range of paintings on the theme of school to learn while having fun! Discover sparkling and original paintings which will show to your child how it is enjoyable to go to school.

    This collection addresses mainly to young children ready to go to school for the first time. The colors and forms will allow them to easily remember the letters of the alphabet. The school range can help stimulate your child and his language.

    Beside the learning aspects, these paintings will bring energy and originality to your child’s bedroom.

  • Nature and Countryside

    Nature and Countryside Paintings Kids

    A natural universe for little farmers

    If one of your child’s dream is to become a farmer, to live around fields and to have animals, then this collection of nature and countryside paintings fits perfectly to his wish! In this range that smells like hay he/she will find a wide choice of paintings representing either animals, bucolic landscapes or other elements in connection with nature.

    These paintings will personalize their decoration and bring this little something that makes their room unique. Do not wait to discover this country painting range!

  • Animals

    Animals Kids Paintings

    Noah’s Ark arrives at home

    Transform your child’s bedroom into a real Noah’s Ark thanks to our Animal Paintings range. Embellish his walls with his favorite animals.

    Cute, fierce, small or big ones will become his best friends and pets. Whether they come from the Savannah, the jungle, Europe, Asia or America, these animals will always find a place in your child’s heart. So what are you waiting for to make him/her happy?

  • Pirate

    Pirate Kids Paintings

    All Aboard!

    Here is a category that will never end to please your little sailor!

    If your kid is passionated by the pirate universe et would like to follow the steps and adventures of his favorite pirate, then it is time to dress his bedroom walls with funny and colorful paintings and of course on the pirates theme.

    Let him/her hoist the mainsail and travel the troubled waters of the Atlantic aboard the famous and legendary Black Pearl to discover the secret and mysterious places of the Caribbean.

  • Asia

    Asia Kids Paintings

    Manga and Cie

    Your child is open-minded and admires the japanese culture? Then, complete the asian decoration of his room with this beautiful paintings from the Kids Asia Paintings collection. You will have the choice among paintings representing cute and colorful manga characters.

    Let your child decorate his room with this characters, one of the symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun. Your girl or boy will bloom in this fictional and animated world he/she likes so much. Then, what are you waiting to take a look at this wonderful range?

    All our paintings are available in several dimensions.

  • Fairy

    Fairy Kid Painting

    A bedroom full of enchantment

    For an enchanting and charming decoration for your little girl’s bedroom, we strongly recommend you our Fairy Paintings range. These characters will perfectly decorate her room and will bring her towards magic and fantastic universes.

    These little creatures will bring character and personality for a bedroom like no other. Do not wait to discover our collection of Fairy Paintings for kids!

  • Sea Beach and Ocean

    Sea Beach and Ocean Kids Painting

    For the best explorers

    The colorful paintings from this Sea Beach and Ocean Kids Paintings will delight all little sailors who would like to discover the secrets of the seabed.

    They will remember all year long the wonderful sand castles they made last summer as well as all the shells, fishes, crustaceans and algae they found on the beach.

    The bravest will enjoy pirates paintings whereas the most imaginatives will prefer mermaids representations, a marine creature that keeps interrogating searchers.

    Dive to discover as soon as possible these about twenty articles of this Sea Beach and Ocean Paintings collection! 

  • Floe

    Floe Kids Paintings

    For our little Eskimos

    In this Floe Painting collection your child will find all elements of the Arctic and Antarctic that fascinate him/her such as the ice, igloos, penguins, seals and polar bears.

    Our range of paintings will personalize and tastefully decorate his/her room walls. Create a magic universe and let him/her fall asleep towards the North Pole.

    If you want to make him/her happy, do not hesitate to discover our ice floe range at low attractive prices!

  • Girl

    Paintings for Kid Girl

    The color pink and glitter are over!

    Whether your girl is an adventurer, an animals' friend, musician, sporty or coquette, she will find in this category, especially dedicated to girls, paintings that will match her personality. Our range of paintings will allow your girl to personalize her room with wall decor of her choice.

    The color pink and princesses, now belong to the past! From now on little girls will be able to choose a wide selection of paintings with various themes and styles. Indeed, even if your girl likes superheroes and comics, she will find happiness in this category!

  • Boy

    Paintings for kid boy

    Wall decor 100% boy

    You would like to please your little boy? Then it is time to discover our range only made for boys in order to help you choose as quick as possible the perfect painting for your child.

    Whether he likes knights, animals or music, you will find on our website a wide choice of paintings with numerous themes. You can’t go wrong!

    More than 160 articles are waiting for you in this collection 100% dedicated to boys. Don’t wait any longer!

  • Knight

    Knight Kids Painting

    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    The Knights of the Round Table keep fascinating your child? Then, you will find everything to please him/her in this collection! Swords, armors, dragons and fantastic landscapes, everything is reunited to turn your child’s room into a great medieval fortress.

    Come and see our range of Knights Paintings, all available in several dimensions. Your child will never end imitating his favorite heroes such as Merida (in the animated-film “Brave”) or the King Arthur!

  • Princess

    Princess Kids Paintings

    Once upon a time…

    Once upon a time a little girl wanted to transform her room into a marvellous universe full of princesses. Enchanted castle, sparkling dress, prince charming or toad, every single elements would be reunited to make this room the most beautiful.

    To complete her collection of toys, teddy bears and other decorative elements from her room, why not offering her a wonderful painting worthy of the greatest princesses? She will then give free rein to her fantasy imagination and grow surrounded by her favorite characters and stories.

  • Graffiti

    Graffiti Kid Paintings

    For a room like no others

    Deco Soon proposes to your children and teenagers a range of paintings for those who have an artistic soul. If they are passionated by art, drawings and more specifically the street art, then this collection is made for them!

    You will find colorful paintings available in several dimensions. These paintings will make their room unique and original.

    What are you waiting for to make them happy? Come and discover our Graffiti Kids Paintings!

  • Sport

    Sport Kids Paintings


    This collection is addressed to all our little athletes. We propose you for example paintings representing a soccer game or a skateboarder for an original, sporty and energetic decoration.

    All our paintings from the range Sport Kids Paintings are available in several dimensions.

  • Jungle

    Jungle Kid Painting

    The Jungle Law!

    Deco Soon proposes a range paintings for kids passionated by the jungle universe. They will find colorful paintings representing all their favorite animals: monkeys, elephants, koalas, snakes and much more.

    Let your child personalize his room with these cute and funny paintings in order to give him/her the chance to live in a similar environment as Tarzan!

    Most of our paintings are available in several dimensions, come and see them as soon as possible!

  • Skeletons

    Skeletons Kid Painting

    A rebel decoration!

    Your child likes skeletons and death heads? Deco Soon has a special range on skeletons theme to bring a trendy and original touch to a room.

    Who said that skeletons are ugly and scary? They now arrive at home and are often represented with flowers to make us forget the idea of mortality.

    Among all bones that make up our skeleton, the skull has become one of the most fashionable element of decoration. Teenagers in particular are real fans!

  • Music

    Music Kid Painting

    Musical vibes

    Your child is the futur music prodigy or can not do without listening to it? This Music Paintings collection is addressed to every child sensitive to the several musical rhythms.

    You will find paintings representing some musical genres such as disco or classical. Each one of them will bring originality and boost to your child’s bedroom. Come and see them as soon as possible!

  • All Kids Paintings

    All Kids Paintings

    For all ages

    With Deco Soon our children will have the opportunity to express their creativity and personality in their room thanks to our paintings with various themes.

    This category register almost 200 paintings addressed to all ages, all styles, all desires and of course, all budgets.

    For a joyful, original and funny room, we invite you to take a look at our different categories especially dedicated to our children!

  • Space and Sky

    Space and Sky Kid Painting

    To infinity...and beyond!

    This collection of painting will allow your child to contemplate the space and the wonders of the sky. You can offer him/her the chance to observe daily the flying elements that fascinate him/her the most: planes, clouds, planets, stars, astronauts and much more.

    Turn your child's bedroom into a spatial universe for starry dreams and full of magic thanks to our Space and Sky Paintings.

  • Vehicle

    Vehicle Kid Paintings

    Vroom! Vroom!

    You child would love to drive like mom and dad and is passionated by cars, planes, buses and construction machines? Then these Vehicle Paintings will be perfect for your future pilote.

    If it is not already the case, he will picture himself construction manager, racing driver, bus driver or driving his dream car.

    To complete the automobile decoration of your child’s bedroom, we strongly recommend you one of our childish and colorful painting available in several dimensions!

  • Circus

    Circus Kid Paintings


    The marquee is set up, artists and animals are ready. The audience takes place. Let the show begin! Offer your child a life-sized show in his own room thanks to our collection of circus paintings for children. Beasts, clowns, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, trapeze artists, all are reunited to entertain young and old! These paintings cute, colorful and joyful at the same time will personalize the room of your budding artists. If you want to make them happy, come take a look at our Circus collection!

  • Tales

    Tales Kid Paintings

    Fairy tales and legends

    Personalize your child’s room with his favorite legends and fairy tales. From the Petit Prince to the Little Red Riding Hood, let your child grow and develop his imagination in the middle of these fantasy stories and universes. Before falling asleep he/she will have his/her head filled with dreams thanks to our Tales collection.

    The greatest stories such as the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm or the fables of La Fontaine will hold no secrets to them.

224 products finds
224 products finds

Kid Paintings

A personalized decoration even for the little ones!

Discover our selection of Kid paintings perfect to entertain and stimulate your child. These paintings will also allow him/her to develop his/her creativity and imagination.

Between cute teddy bears,, superheroes and pretty fairies, girls and boys will be able to customize their bedroom to fall asleep next to their favorite characters.

Come and see more than 200 paintings with various themes and only dedicated to our children.
Most of our products are available in many dimensions. Thus, there is something for every taste and every budget!