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Window Stickers


  • All pane stickers

    All Pane Stickers

    A house away from prying eyes

    Do you need more privacy? Our Window Stickers will decorate your shower or windows in order to let you have the private space you deserve. Opt for originality with this collection of stickers that registers more than 50 various articles.

    You will find stickers with differents shapes and sizes. There is nothing to be scared of stickers! Nowadays they are easy to place; you just have to provide yourself with a squeegee, and that’s it! Easier to hang and less expensive than a wall paper, stickers are a very good alternative!

  • Shower

    Shower Stickers

    From utilitarian item to decorative element

    Embellish your bathroom with these Shower Stickers range. Transform your shower into a trendy element by customising it thanks to our selection of Shower Stickers.

    These stickers with various themes will dress up this banal element of the daily life to make it unique. Geometric, floral and animal patterns will decorate your shower wall for an amazing effect!
    Most of our stickers are available in several sizes and resist to water and humidity. Come and see them right now!

  • Windows

    Stickers for Windows

    Looking without being seen

    Thanks to the stickers, it is from now on possible to personalize your house windows. Our stickers for windows will bring an original and contemporary touch to your decoration.

    You don’t need curtains anymore, stickers are now doing their job! You will be able to admire the view without be being noticed.

    With more than 50 articles, you will find in this range the sticker that corresponds the most to your personality.

69 products finds
69 products finds

Decoration until the tip of the walls

Here is our Window Stickers collection that gathers stickers dedicated to the bathroom and the windows.

You will find various models adapted to humid rooms.

These stickers will bring modernity and originality to your interior.

With more than 50 articles, you will be spoiled for choice! Enjoy!