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  • Oil Painting

    Oil Painting

    The work of an artist at home is now possible!

    Discover our range of hand made paintings for a real artistic effect in your house. A painting is good but an hand-painted oil painting is even better!

    In this category you will find original and unique paintings that were hand-painted by our artists. You will have the choice between several themes such as abstract, animals, Asia, urban style and even more.

    Thus you will be spoilt for choice for your interior decoration!

  • All paintings

    All Paintings

    A large range for all tastes, even the most demanding art lovers

    Discover our wide range of Paintings, an essential element of your interior design. For a unique and personal interior, Deco Soon will help you create an atmosphere and decoration that reflect your personality thanks to our collection composed of various themes. Discover our urban, abstract and design Paintings and pick the right one. City-dwellers will love our paintings that represent famous monuments from all over the world. Conversely, nature lovers will be attracted by bucolic landscapes representations. Do you like animals, cooking and traveling? Then you will find on our website a large selection of products dedicated to you!

    Would you like to have a painting representing the typical french macaroon to make your kitchen even more enjoyable? Flowers for your bathroom? A relaxing landscape for your living room? It is time to go towards originality and to get a painting that will embellish your interior in any rooms.

  • Abstract Paintings

    Abstract paintings

    “What matters is not to see the abstract, but to feel it”

    A note to all contemporary art lovers and fan of abstract! Allow your imagination and creativity take the control by discovering our range of abstract paintings. Our paintings will find a place within your house and bring originality and authenticity.

    Thank to their colors, forms, cuttings and messages they will personalize your room, reinforce and harmonise your decoration.

    Contemporary art does not only exist in museums, from now on it installs itself at home!

  • Angel Paintings

    Angel Paintings

    A gardian angel painting

    How is it possible not to melt in front of these divine little creatures? The “Angel”, a word with Latin roots meaning “messenger”, will relay a message of peace and love to your interior. He will always be there to keep a watchful eye on you.

    Our Angel paintings range will take you to fantastic and wonderful universes. The angel will dress up your walls in a magical way. He is an essential element of decoration for a feminine and soft atmosphere. We deeply recommend him! 

  • Tree Paintings

    Tree Paintings

    As closely as possible to Mother Nature

    Immerse yourself in a natural universe with these Tree Paintings. Broken down into different parts or as a whole, you will find the perfect painting for your home.

    Whether it is a Japanese cherry tree, a leafy forest or an oil painting of a tree, all of those will bring calm, delight and presence to your room.

    Our paintings will perfectly find their place in your living room, bedroom, office or bathroom for a pleasant sensation of well-being! Indeed, you will have the feeling, while contemplating these paintings, to catch the tree's energy even if this one is not real.

  • Africa Paintings

    Africa Paintings

    For an ethnic chic deocration

    Forget the old african decoration. From now on this one is trendy, elegant and sophisticated. Indeed, the african style arrives at home and in every single room: living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office.

    Bring an ethnic touch at home by letting the African sun in thanks to our Africa Paintings range that will bring warmth, energy and value to your house.

    Your room will distinguish itself from the others thanks to some paintings with original cuts.

    We strongly recommend you the elephant, symbol of longevity, prosperity, wisdom, power and strength, that will bring intensity and serenity to your interior.

  • Animal Paintings

    Animal Paintings

    A four-legged friend at home

    Crack for this collection Animal Paintings especially dedicated to our animal friends, which will delight young and old! Whether you already have a pet or not, the physical presence of an animal always brings love and warmth to your interior. This attractive theme and the original patterns will offer you wide range of options for your interior decoration (office, bedroom, living room etc).

    For a lovely atmosphere and an exotic touch we recommend you our collection of felines, that thanks to their imposing presence, their grace, fur and deep gaze will attract your attention and bring that “special something” that does everything. Moreover, for a modern decoration we advise you to choose zebra representations because of their black and white stripes, very trendy colors in the contemporary art. Funny or fancy animal paintings also arrive at your house! So go for it!

  • Asia Paintings

    Asia Paintings

    The discovery of Asia and its treasures

    Need of a total evasion? Immerse yourself in the Asian continent and discover the wonders of China, India and many other countries thanks to our Asia paintings range.

    You will be able to complete your zen decoration with one of these paintings, all available in several dimensions and adapted to all kind of rooms.

    You will have the choice among a selection of paintings representing symbols of Asia such as Bouddha, giant pandas, bamboo, temples, japanese trees and some mythical asian landscapes like the Temple of Angkor, the Taj Mahal or the skyscrapers in Shanghai.

  • Bamboo Paintings

    For a vegetal atmosphere

    This plant that comes from Asia generally give to your exterior the atmosphere of a zen japanese garden. But it is difficult to benefit from our garden all year long.

    That’s why we propose you to integrate this very characteristic plant in your interior with our Bamboo Paintings. Its graphic foliage and its decorative stems will easily find a place at home in any rooms and ensure your well-being.

    You don’t have the green thumb but you would like to see bamboos at home? With these paintings you will just have to catch the benefits of this plant without having to take care of it everyday!

  • Buddha Paintings

    Buddha Paintings

    More than just a wall decor, a life philosophy

    You will find in this category the symbol of wisdom and meditation in painting format to give a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to your home. These Buddha paintings combine zen attitude and design.

    A Buddha painting on the wall of your living room or bedroom will immediately bring a restful atmosphere. More than a religion, this school of thought and lifestyle concept is addressed mainly to those looking for serenity and internal peace.

    This type of painting find generally place in a room with neutral and natural shades. We recommend you to combine your wall decor with a simple and uncluttered decoration for an optimal feeling of well-being!

  • Cat Painting

    Cat Paintings

    Cat style!

    These little and cute ball of fur will bring you company all year round. If you like animals, these Cat paintings can only please you.

    Either big or small, funny or serious, they will please a vast audience and will perfectly embrace the walls of your house. The paintings are available in several dimensions, which give you a large degree of freedom in the elaboration of your ideal wall decoration.

  • Dog Painting

    Dog Paintings

    Dog it!

    Man’s best friend arrive at home to bring you all the love and company that you need. We propose you a fancy collection of paintings representing our doggy friends for original and tender wall decors.

    Stylish and original, these paintings will perfectly fit in both a living room and a child bedroom.

    They will please to funny and offbeat people seeking to express their artistic side at home.
    Cute, funny or unreal, these doggies will all make you heart melt!

  • Poppy Paintings

    Poppy Paintings

    Getaway to the countryside

    The Poppy Paintings will give freshness and a Spring atmosphere to your interior. This flower will be perfect in any rooms of your house and will bring a enjoyable flowery and colorful touch.

    The Poppy coming from the Middle-East, is very common in the fields and meadows. Both a rural and modern atmosphere will spread across the room.

    Our paintings will complete your bedroom, living room or bathroom decoration for an exceptional result!

  • Hand Painted Effect Paintings

    Hand-Painted Effect Paintings

    Trompe l’oeil paintings at little prices

    In this range of hand-painted effect paintings, the proposed pictures seem to be made by the greatest artists except that they are not really painted by hand. Who cares! The desired effect is there and that's what counts the most.

    Sublimate your interior with theses paintings full of softness representing either natural landscapes or feminine portraits.

    They will perfectly fit your current decoration and bring purity, harmony and brightness. Your entourage and friends won’t believe the trompe l’oeil effect of these paintings worthy of the greatest artists. Do not wait! You won’t be disappointed!

  • Egypt Painting

    Egypt Paintings

    Oasis of warmth

    The numerous monuments of Ancient Egypt never fail to astonish. With this new Egypt range, Deco Soon invites you to discover a world of wonder.

    You would love to discover the treasures of Ancient Egypt and didn't have the chance yet to go there? With our collection Egypt Paintings we will give you a foretaste of the sumptuousness of this 3,000-year-old civilization.

    Our paintings offer an exotic touch to your interior such as an oasis of warmth and sun. So open your eyes and let you guide by these wonderful paintings.

  • Kid Paintings

    Kid Paintings

    A personalized decoration even for the little ones!

    Discover our selection of Kid paintings perfect to entertain and stimulate your child. These paintings will also allow him/her to develop his/her creativity and imagination.

    Between cute teddy bears,, superheroes and pretty fairies, girls and boys will be able to customize their bedroom to fall asleep next to their favorite characters.

    Come and see more than 200 paintings with various themes and only dedicated to our children.
    Most of our products are available in many dimensions. Thus, there is something for every taste and every budget!

  • Fantastic Paintings

    Fantastic Paintings

    Give free rein to your imagination

    Let supernatural and marvellous come at home with our range of fantastic paintings. Fairies, werewolves and other fantastic elements will now joinyour house and be an integral part of your daily life.

    These original paintings will bring mystery and fantasy to your interior. If you are looking for a unique element of decoration, that leaves room for imagination and reflection, we recommend you to get one of our paintings from the range Fantastic!

  • Woman Painting

    Woman Paintings

    Feminine Portrait

    Let yourself be seduced by the divine forms, sensuality and softness of women. Colorful, hand-painted or natural effect, you will find everything you need in this category of Woman Painting.

    The woman, by her incontestable beauty, her generous curves, her grace and elegance, will bring a sensual and feminine touch to your interior.

    The woman has always been the muse of numerous artists, poets and musicians. Who knows, will she be maybe your source of inspiration too?

  • Flower Painting

    Flower Paintings

    Flowers all year long

    The spring era comes to you with our Flower Paintings. Rich, diverse and colorful, our category of flower paintings will beautify your home and requires no watering!

    Roses, tulips, poppies, orchids, there is something for all tastes and desires! Some of theses paintings will bring vitality, freshness and boost to your living room, others will soften your bedroom or bathroom. It is now time to discover our flowery, colorful and sparkling range to benefit from the Spring throughout the year!

  • Gourmet Paintings

    Gourmet Paintings

    Pleasure is not only on the plate

    You have a real passion for decoration and cooking? The Gourmet picture range is made for you! This collection is addressed to lovers of all kinds of sweets by proposing paintings with explosive colors featuring your "pêchés mignons".

    Macaroons, colorful candies, spices, fruits and vegetables, there is something for every taste! Be bareful however not to take those delicious representations for real products!

    These paintings will naturally find their place in your kitchen to make it even more greedy and friendly. They will maybe be your source of inspiration for your future recipes or will simply serve as examples. Enjoy!

  • Lion Painting

    Lion Paintings

    Wake up the lion inside you!

    For a trendy and wild decoration, the savannah’s king will be your best ally! Calm and majestic, it will bring softness and serenity to your interior decoration. Its sand, dark ochre or golden-yellow coloured fur will warm up the room.

    Do not hesitate to take a look at our Lion collection for a feline touch that will make your friends “roar” of jealousy.

  • London Painting

    London Paintings

    "God save the Queen"

    With its many monuments and districts, London fascinate a lot and attracts millions of visitors each year. This city has become recently a dynamic and trendy place to live.

    You will now be able to find the elegant style of London at home thanks to our London collection. The inescapable monuments of the british capital will no longer have secrets for you: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the typical red phonebox and the bright-red imperial buses.

    This paintings (available in several dimensions) will add style, elegance and modernity to your interior. Do not wait any longer! Come and see our beautiful range London for a guaranteed British style!

  • Music Painting

    Music Paintings

    A flawless decoration

    All music fans and music lovers, will find in our category Music Painting everything they are looking for: paintings with various dimensions, styles and prices.

    Let yourself go on the musical rhythm of your choice. With different instruments and sounds, you will find what you like.

    A piano for a modern and sober atmosphere, a dog with its headphones to boost and personalize your children's room, musical notes to soften your room or even the sparkling singing of a woman to give your living room vitality; these are some decoration ideas that we propose you with our Music range.

  • Nature Paintings

    Nature Paintings

    Pure beauty

    Need of calm, serenity and poetry at home? Embellish it with flowers, pebbles and bamboos thanks to our Nature Paintings collection.

    You live in the city and you miss being in nature? A natural decoration is a simple and efficient way to get closer to nature for an immediate change of scenery. Letting the nature come to you has never been so simple!

    You will have the choice among a vast range of product including photographs from diverse flowers as well as paintings from bucolic landscapes. There is something for every taste and every budgets!

  • New York Painting

    New York Paintings

    The Big Apple turn up at home!

    Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and many more are waiting for you in this category of paintings specially devoted to the city that never sleeps, New York. Let yourself be seduced by this multi-faceted city made of a migration past.

    You will find in this collection original and colorful representations of New York. The least fanciful ones will prefer faithful reproductions of city either during the day or at night.

    These paintings will naturally delight teenagers passionate by this city full of wonderful promises but also adults who are willing to furnish their interior in the style of a New York loft. 

  • Item Paintings

    Item Paintings

    Objects to embellish your interior

    Even the most ordinary items can find a place on our walls. The range of items paintings is offering you a collection of various objects which will embellish your walls.

    You like originality? Then why not to opt for item representations as wall decors? These paintings with various themes will intelligently complete your home decoration.

    Our “candle” painting for example will create a subdued and cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. The “baby details” painting will seduce future parents when arranging their child’s bedroom. There are several possibilities and we are here to guide and help you in your decision-making.

  • Ocean Paintings

    Ocean Paintings

    Holiday feelings

    It is time to take a deep breath and explore the wonders of the ocean. Let the ocean pictures range refreshing you with its turquoise blue water and discover the beauties of the seabed.

    You will be able to imagine you on a beach, contemplating the sunset and light effects on the waves.

    Lovers of both marine fauna and flora will be fulfilled. Each one of our paintings will allow you to dive from home in this sunny and marine environment while waiting for the next summer holidays.

  • Butterfly Painting

    Butterfly Paintings

    Cute little Butterfly

    Fly away into new horizons with this Butterfly Paintings category in which you will find poetic paintings, most of them hand-painted by our artists. Let yourself go to a spring and warm interior.

    Even when it’s raining or dark outside, these brilliant paintings will enhance your interior and bring brightness and happiness to your room. These wonderful small insects will perfectly adapt to their new environment! We invite you to discover them.

  • Panda Painting

    Panda Paintings

    For a wave of tenderness

    Fall in love with these little black and white animals full of tenderness. Enjoyed by young and old, our Panda Paintings will perfectly fit on your walls.

    These big mammals from China will bring an exotic and relaxing touch to your house. They will delight the entire family wherever you hang them. Our paintings are available in several dimensions to better meet your expectations.

  • Paris Painting

    Paris Paintings

    The world's most beautiful city for a trendy and glamorous style

    Every year many tourists from all over the world come and visit Paris. Who can pretend not to be in love with the City of Light, nominated most beautiful city in the world?

    This collection of Paris paintings will remind you how shining and unique is the luxury and gastronomic french capital. Photographs or paintings, during the day or by night, you will be spoiled for choice!

    Among our selection will be able to choose between various monuments of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, Notre-Dame cathedral or the bridge Pont Alexandre III. These paintings will bring sensuality, elegance and romance to all types of interiors. Do not hesitate to take a look!

  • Character Paintings

    Character Paintings

    Between reality and fiction

    A baby cowboy, a mysterious man or a sensual woman, all these portrayed characters will make you travel through their universe and adorn your daily life. Each of them will bring its originality touch to your interior and make jealous your entourage.

    There is something for everyone’s style: vintage, nature, abstract, contemporary, fantasy etc. You will thus easily find what you want in our Character Paintings range. Then come to discover it and let your imagination do the rest.

  • Roses Painting

    Roses Paintings

    An early Spring

    This flower that represents passion, affection, peace, friendship or sadness depending on its color, has endured many centuries without losing its notoriety. Indeed, the rose was born in China and Persia 5,000 years ago! It still adorn today our gardens in the Spring.

    This flower, that has several color variants, will give a touch of Spring to your home. For example, a bright red rose will brighten your living room and others with pastel colors can soften the atmosphere of a bedroom.

    With our range of roses, you will be able to enjoy a floral decoration all year long that does not need to be watered. Do not hesitate!

  • Tiger Painting

    Tiger Paintings

    Adopt the feline style!

    These majestic tigers with an intense gaze are waiting for you! With our Tiger Paintings category you will be able to reveal your feline side in your own house.

    You are looking for a wall decor that will make your room unique and original? Deco Soon proposes you a large choice of animal paintings that will bring intensity and character to your interior.

    Do not hesitate to discover our feline range and don’t be scare anymore! Tame the tiger!

  • Triptyc Paintings

    Triptyc Paintings

    1, 2, 3...Deco!

    These paintings with original cuts and in several parts will bring originality and modernity to your interior. Our Triptic Paintings range proposes a universe from two to six visuals for a guaranteed contemporary effect.

    You will have the choice among a vast selection of paintings with diverse themes and hand-made by real artists. Those paintings will enhance your furnitures and the entire room. Our canvas are available in only one dimension.

  • Urban Paintings

    Urban Paintings

    Street art for everyone!

    Awaken the rebel spirit in you with our urban paintings collection. You will find many faithful or original reproductions of cities such as New York, London or Paris, but also paintings inspired by the street art.

    This type of art which has invaded our cities, arrive now at home! Born in New York City, this artistic contemporary movement include several techniques like graffitis, stencils, mosaïques and stickers.

    Our paintings tags for example will delight both adults and teenagers looking for an authentic and personalised decoration.

  • City Paintings

    City Paintings

    The most beautiful cities in the world at home!

    From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and passing through the Big Ben in London, enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the World without leaving your home by discovering our city pictures range dedicated to all globetrotters.

    What about dressing up your walls with the Statue of Liberty, mythic symbol of the United States, or creating a romantic atmosphere with a painting representing the charm and romance of Paris?

    On our website you will find everything you are dreaming of for your interior, and the choice is not only restricted to Paris and New York! Indeed, we also offer representations of Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Istambul, Sydney, London and Shanghai!

  • Travel Paintings

    Travel Paintings

    Between heaven and earth

    Need to escape? To have a break? Discover our Travel Paintings category that will take you around the globe. Hang these paintings at home for a total change of scenery.

    From London to New York, from Asia to Africa there is something for everyone: savannah, water points, desert landscapes, heavenly beaches, monuments, skyscrapers…

    Thanks to amazing perspectives from certain paintings, you will have the opportunity to travel around the world from home (underwater perspectives, on a pontoon in front of the turquoise ocean, in the middle of a lush jungle etc.)

  • Zen Painting

    Zen Painting

    Adopt a zen attitude!

    What is better than a small relaxing break? These zen paintings will give you the opportunity to escape from your everyday life and take a breath of fresh air. Failing to get to the spa, these paintings will bring a relaxing atmosphere after a big working day.

    Each painting has at least one zen element such as bamboos, flowers, water, sand, pebbles and Bouddha, for an optimal relaxation! These elements, symbols of the asian countries, are known for their psychological benefits and will bring you well-being and serenity.

1016 products finds
1016 products finds

For an amazing effect

Why not to choose a decorative painting to decorate your house? Paintings have been used since the dawn of time for interior design. From the Renaissance until now, paintings are a decorative way to immortalize a loved one, a way of thinking, an atmosphere...

Personalize your home to your taste and offer it a new lease of life thanks to a wide selection of low-priced paintings: vintage, design, sober, fun, wild, opt for a unique and personal decoration. Give free rein to your imagination and desires with these decorative paintings.