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Kid Stickers


  • Our Stickers Collections

    Thanks to our collections, there's something for everyone ! Want to display on your walls your favorite Disney characters? Our Disney collection combine the most popular heroes and princess of the Disney universe ! You can also enjoy our collection of 3D stickers designed by Michel Agullo. If you have not yet convinced, browse our collections of stickers Serie Golo and PlayGround who each in their own style will delight your toddlers.

  • All kids stickers

    Like you, your child needs a harmonious environment to grow up and open up! Our walls stickers for children could fill his little universe with many forms and colours! He will grow while playing with our teddy bears, pandas or little trains full of animals and even our giant rabbit. He will fall asleep looking at wall friezes full of cute little bear cubs, plump sheep and good fairies. He will like grow up and learn thanks to our height gauge and our alphabet.

  • Girls Bedroom

    Transform your daughter's room into a world filled with princesses, fairies and mermaids ... From the castle to the princess' shoe, find everything you need for an original decoration and full of magic!

  • Boy Bedroom

    Decorate your little boy's room with our range of stickers. You will observe him be enthousiastic in front of our funny animals such as Max the Dog or Hercule the Zebra and surround himself with characters who will accompany him during all his dreams and adventures. Let him grow with our erasable stickers that offer the possibility to your little love to unleash all his imagination.

  • Baby

    Awaken your baby’s universe thanks to this stickers range for baby. These animals will watch over him during his sleep and go with him when he will learn to walk.

  • Kids

    For the older ones, this stickers range will awaken their imagination. Your child could create his own world thanks to our animals, our castles, our princesses, our pirates and many others.

  • Teenage

    Help your child to assert his personality thanks to our teenage stickers

  • Farm Animals

    Many children love animals including farm animals! That is why we created this range of stickers. Treat yourself ducks, horses, cows, chickens, rabbits and other pigs stickers assembled allow you to create a fresh and rustic décor in the room of your toddlers.

  • Knights

    Swords, armor, horses and dragons! Transform your child's room into a real fortress with our range of knights stickers. Awaken his warrior soul in saddle to rescue the beautiful princess!

  • Sky and Space

    Let your child soar through space, or fall asleep in the clouds for starry dreams with our sky and space stickers. Transform the room of your little honey into a real paradise.

  • Circus

    The tent is set, animals are ready, artists warm up backstage ... It's just missing you! Or rather your child. Make it a world full of elephants, monkeys or tigers by choosing these wall decals on circus theme and let your child become the new ringmaster et circus!

  • Construction

    The children loves impressive machines that accomplish great works. In this category you will find Construction Stickers with everything your child want in their room, Bulldozers, Excavators and many others.

  • School

    The school invites itself in your inside with our range of School stickers. Come to discover it as quickly as possible, and find stickers which it is necessary for the chamber of your child. Playful and funny, it there in for everybody. Your child can only appreciate this range which is made for him!

  • Animal

    Transform your child's room into a real Noah's Ark! Whether he prefers the jungle animals or those of circus, he will necessarily find his new companions among the many animal stickers available.

  • Ocean

    Create a marine world in your child's room, a world full of colors, bubbles and fishes. Take a deep breath and dive deep into the ocean!

  • Sport

    All kids love sport and they want their room looks like them. That's why this Sport Kids Stickers range answers its desires because he will find sports that he loves.

  • Fairy

    Fly to the wonderful world of fairies with this range of stickers for all small apprentice magicians. It will only miss to your daughter a wand and a pair of wings to feel like a fairy.

  • Fruit and Vegetable

    Eat five fruits and vegetables a day it's very good for health but for your interior design too. Your child will love the Fruit and Vegetable Stickers range. Include carrots, cucumbers and apricots, strawberries, he will have new reasons to love it.

  • Insects

    Small but numerous, insects are everywhere. So why not display them on your walls? Our insect stickers are ideal for creating a natural and spring atmosphere in a child's room. With our wide range of stickers insects, it will be easy to cheer your toddler's favorite room.

  • Monsters and Aliens

    Come to discover our range of Monsters and Aliens Stickers. Kind or terrifying, it there in for everybody! But do not worry, they do not bite. They will take your child in their imaginary world.

  • Cubs

    Let in a little of sweetness and peace to the bedroom of your child with our range of Cubs Stickers. Young and old children will be delighted to welcome this loving companion. A wide choice of stickers offers to you!

  • Panda

    The panda, this very cute animal native of China and for which we have a particular affection also exists in this Panda Stickers category. Children will love seeing this animal on wall of their room.

  • Pirates

    All aboard! Put on your boots and your wooden leg, grab you your most sharpened hook and do not forget your sword! It is time to embark on the world of pirates with this range of stickers designed specifically for budding sailors.

  • Firemen

    Fireman's job is the one that every child wants to do. This job fills his dreams but our Firemen Stickers category too, where you can find numerous stickers which represent firemen in their activity.

  • Princess

    What little girl has never dreamt of a princess life? Unleash her imagination by adorning her walls with thousands of princesses' stories! A beautiful castle, a horse ride, a waltz with Prince Charming ... everything is there to offer her a real princess room.

  • Robot

    Robots, technology, future... these subjects fascinate your children from their young age? Then offer him a robotic decoration with this range of stickers designed for aspiring roboticists.

  • Height Gauge

    Even if everybody knows that, kids grow up too fast! To measure every day the path and the centimeters earned, opt for our height gauge stickers. Stick them on a wall, a closet or behind a door and let's go to grow!

  • Cars

    Cars, trucks and other means of transport often attract the little boys from their youngest age. Let choose them the car they want to decorate their bedroom in order to develop their imagination!

  • Quotations

    What child has not ever asked for a story before going to bed? Give him the possibility to relive these stories as much as he wishes thanks to our range of Children Quotations Stickers. With counts and songs, and also including nursery rhyme, a wide choice of stickers offers to yourself for the decoration of your bedroom's child. 

  • Trompe l’œil

    Trompe l’œil Children Stickers

    Discover our new range of trompe l’œil stickers. Do not hesitate playing with shape’s illusion to entertain your children. Superhero stickers to more classical stickers, you’ll find everything you need to customize your children’s room in a unique way. 

1474 products finds
1474 products finds