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  • Africa

    African stickers

    An ethnic chic decoration

    Do you need to escape from your everyday life? Bring Africa at home thanks to this Africa stickers range. You will be able to to travel without going out. From African mask to the savannah animals you will be spoiled for choice!

    These stickers will bring an ethnic, modern and animal touche to your house.

    All our articles are available in several dimensions and colors, and in mirror effect, for an optimal personalization of your interior!

  • Animal

    Animal Stickers

    Sticky and lovable animals

    You will find in this collection animals of all sizes for a custom-made decoration! For the young and the older ones, this Animal Stickers range is made for savannah lovers or for those enjoying shimmering colors of undersea life.

    Whether they are sober, colorful, in mirror or in trompe l’oeil, these stickers will perfectly integrate your interior and highlight your furniture.

    These animals will follow you even in your toilets, bathroom or bedroom. Like real pets, their presence will comfort you. Do not hesitate any longer and come see these animals with fur, feathers and scales!

  • Arabic

    Arabic Stickers

    For an oriental touch

    This Arabic range will bring an oriental touch to your interior! These stickers, with aesthetic patterns that call for travel and escape, will perfectly find their place on any walls of your house.

    These artistical calligraphies will bring an original and modern touch to your room.

    Even if you don’t speak this language, the letters, similar to drawings, will transmit a pleasant poetic spirit to your interior. What are you waiting for to discover our Arabic Stickers collection?

  • Asia

    Asia Stickers

    Internal peace and discoveries

    Just like our paintings, stickers on the Asian theme are made to transmit you a positive and relaxing energy.

    This collection offer you the possibility to do an asian tour: China, Japan, Corea, choose the country that correspond to you the most!

    More than a trend, decoration on Asia are first of all the expression of a culture, a personality and values that call for travel and discoveries. Japanese or Chinese atmosphere? Which culture will get your attention?

  • Quotations

    Quotations Stickers

    Walls are talking to you!

    Let your walls talk to you with these collection of Quotations Stickers. The most beautiful quotations and proverbs will now find their place on your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom walls.

    Quotations stickers are perfect to enhance your room decoration. They are an original alternative to paintings as they bring a decorative and personal touch to your interior. Take a look at this stickers collection and pick the one that matches your personality!

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen Stickers

    A tasty decoration!

    Each day we spend around an hour in our kitchen cooking, preparing snacks for our children or simply eating. It is thus very important not to neglect this room and to personalize it to feel good. We offer you this possibility with our collection of kitchen stickers.

    You will find stickers of all kinds only dedicated to our kitchen: from classic stickers to stickers with more sophisticated designs. There is something for every tastes and desires!

    You are out of milk? Don’t worry! In order not to forget to get some, you will now be able to write all the missing ingredients and foods on our slate stickers.

    Come and discover our range of kitchen stickers, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Design

    Design Stickers

    For originals and nonconformists

    Perfect for a personalize and stylish decoration, these design stickers - more than an unusual style- will bring a modern touch at home.

    In this range that includes more than 130 articles, you will find original models such as psychedelic patterns, 3D effects and trompe l’oeil, for an unlimited imagination and creativity!

    DECO SOON proposes you a wide selection of wall stickers at attractive prices and easy to place. Come see them as soon as possible!

  • Glamour

    Glamour Stickers

    The height of femininity

    This Glamour Stickers collection is closely related to sensuality, gentleness, volupty, charm and love. Do not be afraid to express your feminine side by hanging these Glamour Stickers at home!

    You will have the choice among more than 50 articles all different from each other: feminine figures, pulpy lips, flowers, butterflies etc.

    These stickers will bring freshness, mystery and originality to your interior. Available in several dimensions they are waiting for you!

  • Clock

    Clock Stickers

    It is time to set the clock right!

    Do you like clocks and all the decoration combinations they offer? Here is an original range of clocks of all shapes and all styles, that you can stick anywhere at home.

    Obviously they don’t give the time but they provide a fashionable and modern atmosphere to your interior. Do not hesitate any longer and come discover our Clock Sticker collection!

  • Music

    Music Stickers

    Musical Atmosphere

    Music is an entire part of our life. It follows us wherever we go.  Who doesn't like to listen to music in the car or at home after a long time at work? Go a step further and enjoy our Music Stickers range in order to dive in this musical world made of notes and scores.

  • Nature

    Nature Stickers

    A 100% natural decoration

    The best way to escape while staying at home is to bring nature inside! Feeling the light breeze of the wind, looking at birds during the sunset or listening to the rustle of the wind in the branches… All this is now possible with this Nature stickers range.

    We propose you many “Zen” and natural models for a relaxing decoration, and several others who invite you to travel. Our Bonsai sticker or our flowery cherry tree one will take you to a Japanese atmosphere whereas flowers and birds in trees will bring you to wild natural landscapes.

  • Bathroom

    Bathroom Stickers

    The bathroom makes itself beautiful!

    You want to add a personal touch or decorate as you wish your bathroom? It is time with Deco Soon! We offer you a wide range of stickers covering various topics: aquatic, floral, animal, trompe l’oeil and much more.

    You will be able to decorate your furnitures, door, bath, shower and even your toilets! If we propose you stickers to personalize your bathroom that means obviously that our stickers are resistant to water and humidity.

    Do no longer hesitate and decorate your bathroom with our collection of Bathroom Stickers!

  • Astrological Signs

    Astrological Signs Stickers

    What is your Zodiac sign?

    Libra, Leo, Gemini or Aquarius, whoever you are you will now be able to display your astrological sign at home.

    If your astrological sign and its meaning are very important to you, our Astrological Signs Stickers will allow you to decorate your house to your taste.

    All Zodiac Signs are represented in varied types and styles for a mystical and personalize decoration.

  • Sport

    Sport Stickers


    This collection Sport is addressed to all athletes or sport lovers. You will find stickers for all kinds of sports: soccer, dance, martial art, there is something for everyone’s taste!

    In addition to show your sportsmanship, these stickers will tastefully decorate your interior. Available in several sizes and colors, they will adapt to all types of rooms.

    Come and see them as soon as possible!

  • Skeletons

    Skeletons Stickers

    A sticker that gives you gooseflesh

    In this Skeletons category you will find stickers with original patterns for a both scary and outstanding decoration!

    Most of our stickers are available in several dimensions and colors.

    Stickers adhere to smooth surfaces and are easy to stick! So what are you waiting for to personalize your house with our Skeletons Stickers?

  • Tribal

    Tribal Stickers

    A decoration for your little tribe

    Affirm your wild side thanks to our Tribal Stickers range. You will find patterns with characteristic shapes.

    Our stickers can both decorate a bedroom and a livingroom. They will bring character to the room for an interior like any other.

    The majority of the Tribal stickers are available in several dimensions and colors.

  • City and Urban

    City and Urban Stickers

    A urban and modern interior

    For all the lovers of big cities and their symbols, this City stickers range gathers all the classics of the theme “City” for a trendy atmosphere! The Eiffel Tower of the romantic Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New-York and the chic London’s streets will give you travel ideas!

    You will also find characteristic elements of these cities such as road signs or stamps for a unique and modern effect.

    Wonderful but less popular cities like Rome, Bacelona, Buenos Aires and Tokyo are also represented in this wide urban collection.

    With more than 140 articles, the City and Urban stickers collection will never cease to amaze you!

  • Writing

    Writing Stickers

    We don't give the floor enough to walls. Yet, they have what it takes to make us smile, give us strengh and entertain us. Make your home a place where walls whisper. Call out to your guests with original messages and display your personality with our Writing Stickers.

  • Trompe l’œil

    Trompe-l’œil Stickers

    Discover our new range of trompe l’œil stickers. Do not hesitate playing with shape’s illusion to surprise your guests. Window stickers which offer wonderful view to sculpture stickers, you’ll find everything you need to customize your home in a unique way. 

1053 products finds
1053 products finds

A good alternative to regular paintings

Decoration is a personal activity that constantly evolves. It must be simple and replaceable. Wall stickers offer you the possibility to change your decoration whenever you want: they will show your personality by giving your walls a design and original style.

Deco Soon offers collections completely dedicated to wall stickers: Africa, animals, glamour, sport etc. Pick the right one depending on your desires and order it with just a few clicks.

From 59,90€ purchase, your wall sticker delivery is free! Enjoy it!